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Indoor furniture with teak wood furniture

Teak is an extraordinary wooden resource for furniture.
Teak Wood Benefit | Teak furniture Indonesia | Indoor teak furniture Having furniture is a long-term investment that we should consider. To get long-lasting furniture for our house, of course, determining the materials of the furniture is really matters.
Teak or in Latin words called “Tectona Grandis”, is most strong durable and hardest hardwoods. It natives usually comes from southeast Asia.
Weather Resistant
Due to its strength, furniture from teak has its benefits to give lifetime use for your house. Especially for outdoor, whenever it crush by hard wheater, it still has a strength to withstand. The wood remains unchanged even when exposed to freezing cold or hot temperaturesPest-Free
Teak has high natural oil content that makes the furniture made from teak termite and pest resistant. The high content of oil and silica makes it resistant to mildew, dry rot, fungi and stains, which is a common problem in older teak woode…

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